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CSR & Sustainability
CSR & Sustainability

Connect and Convey - The MF Freeman Group sustainability initiative

Securing the welfare of our future planet and its inhabitants requires disruptive change in how we operate with business, programmes and projects.

A new mind-set and way of business needs to be undertaken, and MF Freeman Group are passionate about this, not only within our own group of businesses, but also impacting other companies and sectors. The more change we can enable, the better the future looks for all of us.

Sustainability is the latest addition to the MF Freeman Group and focusses on how to use environmental, social and economic based goals to better drive business, programmes and projects, while reducing their negative impacts.

MF Freeman Group understand that each business, programme or project is unique and that a 'one size fits all' approach to sustainability is not efficient, effective or even practical at times.

Bringing together expertise, experience and direction from top level academia and business professionals has allowed an analytics driven method to be created, which focuses on finding the best fit between an individual business, programme or project and the desire to achieve sustainability goals. Moving away from the 'business as usual' approach where success is measured solely through financial gain, and often at the detriment of the world and its inhabitants.